Websites For Small Towns

Websites For Small Towns

Websites For Small Towns: How Necessary Are They?

City leaders come in two types. Those who want the public to be fully informed and those who believe they were elected to make decisions on behalf of the public. The later type seldom see the need to inform. No matter what side of the coin leadership lands, knowledge is a valuable commodity.

Websites for small towns just make sense. It is cost effective transparent. It is available to the public 24 hours a day. Now that sites are written using content management systems, the smallest of staffs – whether computer savvy of not can maintain the site.

Three mass mailings sent out to a thousand households with printing, postage, and handling would cost the same as a low volume website. And the site can be used over and over. Websites for small towns make sense in that they can collect bills, disseminate information and provide local news in a way other media cannot.

Use a simple cost-benefit analysis, the contact a web professional for a site that fits your needs. Stick to your model and go for it. Your constituents will thank you.

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