Vote Debra Minott For Carmel

Debra Minott For Carmel

I love Carmel. I’ve lived in Carmel for 43 years. I ran for Carmel City Council and was elected each time I ran. If you asked those in my council district, I believe they would tell you I represented them thoughtfully and respectfully. Each vote was cast without regard to how it would affect a Democrat or Republican but rather how would it enhance the quality of life for those in District 3 and Carmel. I believe Debra Minott would vote that way too. I know Debra to be the decision maker who believes in neighborhood and our city. She is not someone who invents situations or makes wild statements.

Debra’s opponent has said, “Citizens in Carmel don’t feel like they have an opportunity to have a say in anything. The concern is about having a say. It’s about being able to share concerns with somebody. That somebody will listen and then voice those concerns.” (Carmel, IN City Council Candidate Forum, September 5, 2019, Carmel City Hall.) How many times has Debra’s opponent contacted his city councilor to voice a concern? How many times did he go to the city website to send an email to the Plan Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals in the past four years? The answer is None. Never. If you go to the City website, under City Council, you will be able to get your councilor’s phone number and email address. Under Boards and Commissions, you may do the same for those commissioners too. I’ve served on the Plan Commission and BZA also. Believe me, we hear! The opportunity is there it’s taking advantage of the opportunity that’s Debra’s opponent’s problem.

Debra’s opponent has said, “I will fight like hell to make sure we limit the guns and remove guns from people’s hands.” (Carmel, IN City Council Candidate Forum, September 5, 2019, Carmel City Hall.)  There he goes again. Son, you need to get a grip on the job not on my hand or the hands of law abiding Carmel citizens who believe in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution giving us the right to bear arms.  Under state law, the City Council constitutes the legislative body of the city. It has power over the city budget and passes city ordinances and resolutions. We still are a nation that abides in the Law of the Land. Cigarettes kill far more people and cause far more heartache than guns do in Carmel.

Minott spent 35 years as an attorney mostly in senior leadership. She also served under former Gov. Mitch Daniels and under former Gov. Mike Pence. Debra Minott is interested in promoting public safety, and ensuring mental health is a priority. She wants the city to focus on maintaining its infrastructure. She also thinks the city’s west side needs to remain a low density area and the city could spend less on certain luxuries such as Carmel roundabout art. Sounds to me like Debra will maintain our property values and ensure good planning. Debra Minott will be an independent thinker.

I have attached a map of the new West District. If you live within these boundaries, please vote tomorrow for Debra Minott. She has already worked to make life better for Carmel’s moms and dads and kids.

The Talmud, a compilation of the historic rabbis “discussing” or “debating” what the Torah means, says, “First learn. Then teach.” Debra Minott’s opponent would do well to follow this lesson.

Debra Minott For Carmel

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