WordPress Maintenance

Wordpress Maintenance And Support

WordPress Maintenance And Support

Our WordPress Maintenance And Support Plan offers peace of mind. You chose a new website thinking you’d take care of the maintenance and support yourself. One thing leads to another and the WordPress Maintenance And Support you thought you’d do doesn’t get done. In a few weeks, plug-ins and versions are outdated. You’ve noticed copy on your site that you didn’t ask for. You are vulnerable to attacks and viruses.

We provide personal as well as phone support, software updates and any necessary website changes. We analyze your hosting plan and Ftp connections.

WordPress Maintenance And Support Plan

As a part of our plan, we make a back-up in case your website does crash, you won’t be down for long.  Ask us about the cost of our Plan.  The Plan automatically renews for your continued coverage. You may cancel at any time without penalty.

Our planned maintenance is a scheduled service carried out by a competent and suitable agent, to ensure that your WordPress website is operating correctly and to, therefore, avoid any unscheduled breakdown and downtime. Along with condition-based maintenance, planned maintenance comprises preventive maintenance, in which the maintenance event is preplanned, and all future maintenance is preprogrammed. Planned maintenance is created for every item separately.  Our maintenance and service has some advantages over self or in-house maintenance, such as:

  • easier planning of maintenance,
  • costs are distributed more evenly,
  • no initial costs for items not used in the website.

Don’t get  hacked. We monitor 24/7. Our overall “Up Time” is 99.97% – we’ll show you. All of the techs who work on your site are America based and trained in the United States. You need to spend your time focused on your business, not your site. Leave that to professionals – to us. You’ll “Shock The Web.”

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